Sky Burial


The CGI movie “Sky Burial” is a deep reflection on mortality, ceremonies, humanity, and the natural world. It features a live rendition of Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem and contrasts the traditional Tibetan practice of “sky burials” with a bleak, dystopian setting in an urban high-rise. The film was screened multiple times in various countries worldwide as a video installation for a live orchestra performance.

We were responsible for handling the 3D aspect of the project and designing the film’s overall aesthetics. We utilised the impressive capabilities of Unreal Engine and another software such as Maya, 3Ds Max, After Effects to bring this project to life. During the entire process, we collaborated extensively with Mat Collishaw to guarantee that our advancements were consistent with the project’s overarching objectives and Mat’s creative vision.

Commissioned by Mat Collishaw, delivered by Amnion